• Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!
  • Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!

American Made Equipment You Can Keep Forever

The well-balanced and perfectly made tool that you will love using every day – is made right here in the USA, by craftspeople who freaking love their jobs and love using kettlebells. Every angle and feature is designed for durability and functionality that will stand up to your daily training demands.

35 lb Kettlebell (16 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping
35 lb Kettlebell (16 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping
35 lb Kettlebell (16 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping
35 lb Kettlebell (16 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

35 lb Kettlebell (16 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

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American-Made Equipment You Can Keep Forever

The well-balanced and perfectly made tool that you will love using every day – is made right here in the USA, by craftspeople who freaking love their jobs and love using kettlebells. Every angle and feature is designed for durability and functionality that will stand up to your daily training demands.

Made in the USA

Design and Craftship

  • Made Exclusively in the USA: Get quality gear and support US manufacturing.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Designed and built to last you a lifetime.
  • Ergonomic Design: Perfectly designed for your hands for any workout you want to do. Our exclusive USA designs mean you can’t get this feeling with any other kettlebell.
  • Smooth Finish: All our bells come with our optimzed highly durable black powder coat, giving it a premium finish that will last. The logo and weight indications are debossed into the kettlebell so wont catch on your shirt.
  • Wider Handle Grip and Machined Flat Base: A perfectly balanced kettlebell with a stable base for floor work and wider grip so that you can use both hands easily. Height: 220 mm (8.6 inch) Handle Width: 205 mm (8.1 inch), Handle Diameter: 36 mm (1.4 inch), Base diameter: 65 mm (2.56 inch)
  • Free and Fast Shipping – Shipping on all our kettlebells is free to 48 states and our price includes tax. Don't be fooled by other’s who stack it all on a check out – with USA Iron what you see is what you get.
  • Awesome Customer Service: Quick response times. We’ve seen it all and we’re here to help.
  • Who uses 35 lb kettlebells? Beginner to advanced men, intermediate to advanced women for most KB exercises and for beginners doing exercises which use strong muscle groups (e.g Squats / Deadlifts). Check out sizing guide.

The 35 lb (16 kg) kettlebell is a popular choice for home workouts. It is the Goldilocks of the kettlebell world: neither too light nor too heavy – a must-have for any kettlebell set. The 35 lb kettlebell is an absolute workhorse both in the gym and at home; most people can get an awesome workout with just this stunning piece of equipment. With so many varied exercises possible, have a blast with a single 35 lb kettlebell workout or a double 35 lb kettlebell workout.

Proud of Made in the USA

The 35 lb Kettlebell is our signature piece and most popular choice. We are particularly proud of our 35 pounder (we’re not supposed to have favorites but, sorry – we just do). Back in early 2020, the only kettlebells available were made in far away lands and transported over several thousand miles. During the kettlebell shortage of 2020, we sought to change that and were one of the first companies to make and hold stock of 35 lb kettlebells. In fact, it was the first kettlebell designed in USA-Iron’s kettlebells range, the first one we ever delivered to a customer and is always an absolute hit with anyone who gets to use one. We still use the same mold today as we used for the first one so you’ll get the same feeling in your hands!

The 35 lb kettlebells which launched our brand are part of our Gravity Cast Kettlebell Series. The range includes weights from 20 to 50 lb

Today most companies still buy in foreign made products when these can be and are made right here. If you decide to choose our 35lb kettlebell, we salute you for supporting US manufacturing and American jobs.

Do you need one or two 35lb kettlebells? 

If you’re new to kettlebells or on a budget, you can totally get an awesome workout with just a single kettlebell. Working out with a single kettlebell drives a lot of cross stabilization, giving you a strong-ass core. As you progress to more exercises and want to work out with more weights, having two 35lb kettlebells opens up a bunch more double kettlebell exercises This is when your body will start working overtime. Check out our full guide for more information.

Decide between 1 or 2

What Customers are saying:

Our kettlebells have over 400 5 star reviews. In our humble yet professional opinion, these are the best 35 lb kettlebells around. And we are glad to know that our customers agree. Check out our reviews and other kettlebell sizes. Buy 35 lb Kettlebells


All our kettlebells come with a lifetime warranty (and they should last you a lifetime!). We take quality very seriously. We represent US manufacturing, and it’s the very least you deserve. Our team keeps track of any issues that might arise along the way – to make sure that the equipment arrives to your home or gym in perfect condition. Our philosophy says: no excuses, so if you ever have any concerns, feel free to contact us at hello@usa-iron.com.

Best Kettlebell

Free and Fast Shipping.
Shipping on all our kettlebells is free to 48 states. What you see is what you get: our price includes tax, because we do not want to fool you and stack it all on checkout. You want some USA Iron in your life, and we want you to get it ASAP. Your 35 lb kettlebells in stock are already packaged up and ready to go. Free shipping of 35 lb kettlebells means that you can make an order – and relax. Once you buy:

  1. The order goes straight to the warehouse, where it will be collected by UPS or FedEx the same day.
  2. Once your order is dispatched, you’ll get a tracking number and the item should be with you between 2-4 days. You can track your order and will be notified when it’s out for delivery. If you’re worried about your delivery, just email to hello@usa-iron.com and we’ll take care of you.

Handle and Grip:

Maintaining grip on your kettlebell during a workout is paramount. You need to be able to swing your bell round with confidence while you do different 35 lb. kettlebell exercises. To ensure an effective and safe kettlebell, we considered every aspect of the handle and surface: the diameter, size, shape, and ultra-durable powder coating. Just right for sweaty hands in the most demanding 35 lb. workouts. You’ll know what we mean when you grip it!

Got Grip for 35lb Ketttlebell


Making Gravity Cast Kettlebells:

Sure, we’ve made thousands of kettlebells, but nothing pleases us more than seeing a line-up of freshly cast kettlebells at the foundry. Our powder coated kettlebells are made from a single piece of cast iron. We melt down scrap iron (old rail track, engine blocks etc.) and pour them into an individual sand mold which is handle down so the handle fills up and solidifies first – to ensure that there are non-voids in the handle during solidification. The carefully designed mould allows the iron to flow in without disturbing the sand. Once the kettlebell has solidified, we break it out, grind it, machine its base, powder-coat it, and box it up. The entire process takes around 10 days: from the moment when we get our hands on scrap iron – to the glorious moment when the brand new, perfect kettlebell is ready for shipping. Want to know more about the fascinating production process? Check out here.

Accurate weight –35 lb kettlebells made in the USA – we take quality seriously. We represent US manufacturing here. Get what you ordered with USA Iron: weight +/- 1/2 lb

Size Matters - Choosing the right kettlebell weight

When size matters:
Dimensions of USA Iron’s 35 lb. kettlebell: 240 mm (9 1/2inch) tall from base to top, with a generous handle, which is 205 mm (8 1/16 inch) wide and a 36 mm in diameter (1 3/8 inch), made to fit comfortably in anybody’s hands. The horns (vertical parts of the handle) are slightly longer than your average kettlebell so you can hold comfortably in both bell-down and inverted bell-up positions. This means that during the kettlebell snatch (a keystone kettlebell full body exercise) – the kettlebell falls exactly in the right place of your forearms – increasing comfort so you can focus on what matters – getting in the flow and in the perfect rack position.

One key difference, which everyone seems to notice about our 35 lb. kettlebell, is the curve between the handle and the horns. Any kettlebeller will tell you that this is a key high-traffic area for the hands in transitions and ballistic exercises. Getting this curve right helps kettlebellers seamless and comfortable transitions between hand positioning. We work it out so you can... work out.

35 lb Kettlebell Dimnsions

Center of Gravity, It’s all relative.
Another key difference of USA Irons’s 35lb KB is the center of gravity of the bell and where it sits in relation to your hand. The handle length of our kettlebells has been calculated so that the center of gravity sits 85 mm from the center of the handle. This figure may not mean a lot on paper (or screen), but makes a world of difference to how it feels. With a well-balanced kettlebell, you instinctively know how and where it will travel, which makes it awesome for hand transitions, KB rotational exercises and juggling. When you are in flow with your kettlebell, it becomes an extension of yourself.

Kettlebell Center of Gravity

We like to think that Sir Isaac Newton himself would have been proud of this way to employ the nature’s fundamental force: we too stand on the shoulders of giants. This is the essence of the perfect kettlebell: unlike traditional dumbbell weights, a kettlebell’s center of gravity is moved away from your hand, which makes it an ultimate workout tool, requiring you to balance it with your body, increasing cross-stabilization, delivering a proper full-body workout – making you strong through-and-through.
Isaac Newton Kettleblls

Is 35lb right for me?

Typically, we suggest that active men start with a 25 lb (12 kg) or 35 lb (16 kg) kettlebell. 35 lb is a good place to start if you have experience with using weights. That being said, some exercises (e.g. squatting) use a lot of big lower-body muscles (legs, glutes, core), where a 35 lb kettlebell would work just fine even for an inexperienced male lifter. For active women, we suggested starting with 20 lb (8 kg) or 25 lb (12 kg) and progressing up to 35 lb. Likewise, advanced lifters (guys and gals) will use 35 lb kettlebells for warm-ups, rehab, pre-hab, high-rep exercises, or when learning new technique and form. In any case, 35 lb kettlebells are a staple for any kettlebell set. See our full sizing guide here

Still not sure what a 35 lb kettlebell will feel like in your hands? If you are like us as and have a few little kids running around, you are probably used to scooping them up off the ground. Here’s an unconventional (but useful) frame of reference: a 2-year-old weighs around 25 lb, a 3 ½-year-old – around 35 lb. Don’t get me wrong: I do not suggest you to power clean your kid off the floor by his waist strap. Use one of our kettlebells instead: way less noisy, far less wriggly, and don’t need snacks!

Scared kid - not today

For non-parents (aka the free people), who don’t know what picking up a small child feels like, here are some other items weighing 35 lb: 7 reams of copy paper, 140 sticks of butter or a bushel of millet.

Clear? Good!

Dont Understand

What the #@$! is a “pood” and do I give a rat’s toosh? Whilst their origin is somewhat debatable, kettlebells as we know them today were found in Russia over 200 years ago. At the time, the pood was 16.38 kg (36.11 lb): a standard measure of weight in Russia until mid-20th century. Nowadays, the use of the “pood” as a measurement unit has vanished, apart from the weight of kettlebells and some playful Russian expressions (but let’s skip this rabbit hole for now). Kettlebells were sold in whole and in fractional poods. In modern kettlebells, 1 pood has been rounded down to 16 kg, and therefore 35 lb (sorry, purists!). So today, roughly speaking, 44 lb = 20 kg = 1.25 pood, and 20 lb = 8 kg = 0.5 pood. This simplified notation made it easier to figure out how much you’re lifting, compared to the standard 35-pounder.

Too much information

You might be asking: where can I buy kettlebells near me? Our 35 lb kettlebell price includes free shipping: right to your door. So, you can buy a 35-pounder online from wherever you are in the contiguous USA and – incredible as it may seem – a few days later you are lifting with the best of ‘em. If you buy a 35 lb kettlebell pair or a 35 lb kettlebell set, you can save on bundling. Each 35 lb kettlebell from USA Iron is built to last a lifetime. They age well, hold their value, and you can keep using them for decades. Even after they have been bashed around for years, you can still enjoy your perfect albeit slightly bruised but dearly beloved 35 lb kettlebell.

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Bruce Roberts
Very satisfied

Very satisfied. Prompt shipping, great service!

Sheree Jackson
Perfect purchase

These Kettle bells are my Fav!!!

Robyn Meyer
Excellent Product, excellent customer service

I ordered a 44 and 35 last spring/summer and they are awesome. I use them all the time. Decided to add a 25 and it arrived in less than great condition. When I reached out, USA-Iron made it right and is sending a replacement. Super easy, no hassles, and a great product. I recommend them to everyone looking for kettlebells!

Laura La Porte
25 and 35 Pound kettlebells

Great quality and price! We love them! I will definitely order again when I need more weights

Nathan Chan
USA Made Kettlebell on Sale

I'm glad to have bought the 35 lbs on sale especially quality made in USA. The kettlebell arrived quickly though there were few scuffs from the shipping. As a beginner, it feel great from the few times I've used it for swings and squats.