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  • Everything Made in USA!!

9 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Kettlebell

We like kettlebells, we really like them. We like kettlebells so much, we have designed them and made them so you can buy them and like them too. Here are some of our top reasons why we (and many others) think kettlebells are an indispensable workout tool:

1. Improve Natural Movements:

The human body has evolved to over thousands of years to stand up, walk, get down, jump, run, carry, swim and throw. But as life takes over and we sit for work or simply get a little older, we can start to lose some of these natural ranges of motion, strength and coordination. Kettlebell exercises are a perfectly suited tool to enhance and develop the natural movements of the body. Check out our Fundamental Kettlebells Exercises.

2. Kettlebells are Compact:

Kettlebells are comparatively small compared to all the equipment you get in a gym or home gym. You can store them in a corner or under a desk yet you can do so much with them. Unlike dumbbells, the kettlebell's center of gravity is extended away from the hand allowing for ballistic exercises and swings. The unique shape of kettlebells allow them to be swung with 1 hand or 2, released and caught mid-swing or passed between the hands. This drastically increases the number of exercises possible with a single piece of equipment. These exercises build your ability to control and stabilize the dynamic kettlebell, making for a much more valuable training aid. You don't need racks, extra plates or fiddly exchange nuts, it's ready to go straight out the box.

3. Train Anywhere, Anytime:

You only need a small about of space for and awesome KB workout; at home, on your balcony, in the garden, at work, at the park with a friend or at the beach. Easy to transport with you wherever you want to workout. All you need is your kettlebell and to know what to do with it and we can help with both.

4. Improve Grip: An Indicator of Overall Health

Kettlebell workout build your grip strength through almost all the exercise you will do with it. As you are able to do more reps, your strength will continue to build. You’ll notice people who are through-and-through strong, (like firefighters, builders or farmers) often have big strong forearms which go along with a strong grip and you’ll notice the same in kettlebell lifters. Grip strength is a highly underrated but provides the basis for so much more. It has been shown to be an important indicator of your overall health. It has been shown that grip strength is a predictor of muscular endurance and overall strength and that a stronger grip correlates with a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

5. Fast Workouts

Once you know what to do with your kettlebell, it will deliver you a better full body workout in the time it takes you to drive to the gym. Seriously, 10-20 mins of working out with KBs and you’ll be ready to hit the shower, knowing you’ve done enough for the day. This allows you to devote more time to the things which matter, family, rest, learning Spanish or building that business!

6. Power Development

Most ballistic kettlebell exercises (such as the Swing or Snatch) must be performed at a certain speed to be accomplished, this build a power component into kettlebell training and the ability to sustain this power over the period of the exercise. Performing kettlebell exercises which demand power, get the heart going and are an excellent route for fat loss and conditioning.

7. Strength-Endurance Training

Strength-endurance is your ability to produce and maintain force over an extended period of time and is arguably to most useful for every day life. As kettlebell training is typically used with just 1 or 2 kettlebells – the way you typically make it more challenging for you is by adding volume (rather than adding incremental weights on a barbell). This required you build strength-endurance; your muscles get better and doing things for a long period of time. This is why kettlebells are used but long distance runners and elite cyclists to build strength endurance which can’t built by just going the distance alone. In this way, kettlebells bridge the gap between strength and cardio training, making them the perfect home workout tool.

8. Kettlebells last forever!!

No maintenance, no internal parts, just a single solid piece of cast iron. Sure, the powder coating might chip, after a while of banging them around, but they work just the same. Some might say they even look a little cooler. Kettlebells will endure a lot and as such hold their value well so if it time to move up a weight you’ll always find a good home for it.

9. Delivered Straight to Your Door

There are lot of reasons to buy kettlebells and there are lots of reasons to buy American Made Kettlebells from USA Iron. We hope you do!

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