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Why Kettlebells?

Improving your Body's Natural Movements

The human body is a truly amazing thing, build to walk, run, jump, swim and throw. Yet these are the things that we tend to do less and less of. Even many training methods typically used at the gym or home, do not complement these basic functions. 

Kettlebell Clean and Jerk

Kettlebells and kettlebell workouts are uniquely suited to improving many of the body’s natural movements and functions. We can drive changes in our bodies in a positive way, enhancing strength, strength endurance, cardio, stability and mobility.

Kettlebells are compact – you can do some big workouts with a single small kettlebell in a short time (as little as 10 minutes). You don’t need a big squat rack or a big dumbbells stand. One of the reasons for kettlebells becoming so popular since their coming to the US 20 years ago, is that working out with kettlebells is unlike training with anything else.

Asymmetry and Core Engagement

Kettlebells workouts can be as simple or as technical as you choose to make them. Even simple kettlebell exercises recruit muscles throughout your body. Why? Kettlebells have an off-centered mass and many exercises are designed to be performed asymmetrically, unlike typical barbell exercises which are typically symmetric. This means that even with comparatively lower weights, your body is forced to stabilise – recruiting more muscles from you core – all the time.

Kettlebell one arm row

Many exercises in the gym with dumbbells, barbells and machines are designed to isolate and work a specific area – this often means that your body does not need to engage much of your core to build say your arms, legs, chest or back. So individual areas can be strong where the stabilising core can be someone neglected leading to comparative weakness.

Who's Using Kettlebells

Kettlebells and kettlebell routines promote and improve natural movements in the body. Even seasoned gym-goers can get caught out with kettlebells; this is why they like them, as it helps them figure out weaknesses and then strengthen them. Your core must be used to perform the exercises correctly: there isn’t anywhere to hide! 

Kettlebell training is extremely effective which is why it is a preferred training method for mixed martial artists, elite athletes, stunt performers, personal trainers and the armed forces. Kettlebells may seem like a humble piece of gym equipment, but when used correctly they can be transformative. People who train with regularly kettlebells are strong, that kind of though-and-through strong. 

Are Kettlebells for You?

If you’re looking to change up your workouts, get your body firing in ways it was built to and see what it can really do then USA-Iron kettlebells might be exactly what you’re looking for.

To help you on your way, check out our list of preferred exercises, warm ups, cool downs, fast workouts, weekly workouts to get started with and start challenging yourself. Join our supporting community and let’s turn it up a notch.

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