• Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!
  • Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!

Welcome to USA-Iron.com!!

US-Made Kettlebells

In 2020, those wanting to work out from home quickly realized that there is almost no domestic supply of cast iron weights in the US and almost all kettlebells were imported from overseas. Even big fitness brands fell on their knees and could not send out a 35lb kettlebell between them.

As an existing manufacturer of precision metal work parts and kettlebell enthusiasts, we also found it strange that this would be the case. Let’s be honest, it’s not surprising that companies would choose to prioritise profits but it’s surprising the lack of US-manufacturing efforts and knowledge in this manufacturing space – able to produce quickly ramp up meet the demands. We’ve being working hard to change that.

Further than simply meeting the demand we produce quality products which we love to use. We have carefully designed each aspect of our kettlebells to be the ultimate fitness tools in your collection. there are many other benefits when we choose to buy USA-Iron’s domestically made products rather than importing from overseas.

Improved US-made products: Our kettlebells are quality controlled along each stage of manufacturing, after casting, grinding, powder coating and before boxing – each being held accountable. If there’s a problem, we own it and fix it. We can insert new controls at each step as required to make sure that we are continually improving and delivering. Imported kettlebells are typically boxed up overseas and are not inspected by those selling them. This disconnect often leads to issues with imported products including inferior quality control, weld seams and weak spots, sharp points, bad design (as design is also typically outsourced!), overly rough surfaces, poor coating choices which don’t feel right in your hands or stand up to use.

Better designs: We have designed kettlebells which we truly love to use and for you to get the most out of your purchase. From the window to the horns of the handle, the careful positioning of the center of mass, the diameter of the handle, width of the base, the choice of the ultradurable powder coating – each and every step. We take all the best bits of the way the kettlebell should be and leave the rest. Imported kettlebells are often made from generic molds by someone who has never used one, then the same kettlebell is sold to multiple suppliers here, the US -brands have their logos engraved and they charge you whatever they feel they can get away with.

Homegrown talent: We are truly proud of our team who have risen above and put their blood, sweat and tears into USA-Iron.com and they have done it with smiles on their faces. We have a great family of people at USA-Iron.com who continue to deliver in the face of adversity. This included the design, manufacture, operations, customer service and fulfilment. We have formed partnerships with excellent US-businesses to deliver our vision and we are jointly reliant on each other. It’s truly been a win-win for both sides. We are greater than the sum of our parts, allowing us to grow during these times. We operate a lean and agile operation which has been bought into by all team members and our team is now perfectly positioned to continue to grow, designing and manufacturing more great equipment for us all to use! We are always looking to partner with great individuals and companies, feel free to reach out to us if you want to connect. Everyone along the supply chain of our kettlebells is paid fairly for the work performed.

Reducing environmental impact: All of our products cast iron products are recycled made from scrap metal. A few short hours before becoming a kettlebell, it was in the shape of something very different, like a chunk of railway track or fencing. We use the latest manufacturing which collects and reuses up to 95% of the sand used in molding the kettlebell. We are not importing our heavy kettlebells from overseas which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the product. We pay to individually off set the carbon associated with posting our kettlebells domestically (included in free shipping). We’ll continue to aim to give you the tools and techniques to get the most out of your kettlebell, do reduce the amount gym equipment you need in your home to stay fit and healthy, reducing over buying and maximising your space. If we can convince more people to do the same, this will benefit all of us.

We have a 50:50 male/female ownership and are an equal opportunity employer.

USA-Iron’s core values we work by

  • Quality, Health, Relationships and Environment before profits
  • Be open, collaborate & communicate
  • Take initiative, find the win-win
  • Get out of your comfort zone 
  • Create opportunities

We love our products and we hope you do too! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are looking for other cast iron products for your home or gym.

Meet the owners

Joe has a PhD in material science and engineering and during his time as a research scientist worked in the areas of flexible electronics, lithium ion batteries (Department of Energy) and new materials for rocket nozzles (NASA). Joe loves for anything which moves and understanding the way things work. Once a daily gym goer, Joe now integrates fitness with daily life, with kettlebell workouts in the garden with cycling being his daily mode of transport - dragging 1-3 young kids with him for extra resistance. 

Jen originally trained as a architect and designer before working as project manager in the construction industry for many years managing commercial projects including for large corporations e.g Coca-Cola and Skype. Jenica has a keen eye for detail and design and is a natural problem solver. Jen attends women in business groups and sets up local financial independence meet ups. Jenica is a keen camper and enjoys regularly hiking, pilates and yoga.

Together, they have 3 young boys, and over the last few years set up companies supplying precision tools and materials for research and development in universities, research centers and fortune 500 companies. Customers include Tesla, Toyota, MIT, Stanford, John Hopkins, The Army as well as many international institutions. 

If you want to reach out to Joe or Jen directly (related or unrelated to kettlebells), please email joe@usa-iron.com please include the words "Speak to Owners" in the subject.