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Buying Guide

In this section:

  1. What kettlebell sizes should you get started with?
  2. How many kettlebells do you need?

Kettlebells at Beach

What size kettlebells should I start with?

This will depend on your baseline strength and the exercises you’ll be performing, but many are surprised to learn that almost anyone can get started with at least a 20 lb kettlebell.

This is unlike dumbbells which are available from relatively small weights and weight increments. This is to do with the type of exercises which will be performed with kettlebells (and we can help you get started with this).

Dumbbells are often used to isolate individual muscles and muscle groups, working for instance the biceps or triceps. Kettlebell workouts, on the other hand, are very dynamic, typically engaging strong muscle groups together. Even if you don’t feel you’re that experienced or strong; we’d suggest at least a 20lb kettlebell and we can suggest exercises to get started with and the what to move onto next, building your strength and confidence. As you progress you’ll find there are lots of exercises to keep challenging you.

You get excellent core response using a single low to medium kettlebell weight. Compared to a barbell (symmetric) lift, in which both sides works together towards the same aim, as you moving a kettlebell around (asymmetric), you core has to be engaged to stabilze the movement.

If you have limited experience or are completely new to strength training then below are some suggested starting points. As always, listen to your body, work through the progressions and be amazed with what your body can do!

  • Female: suggested starting weight: 20lb (Beginner) – 25lb (Athletic)
  • Male: suggested starting weight: 25lb (Beginner) - 35lb (Athletic)

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How many kettlebells do you need?

To simply keep fit and challenge yourself… not many… the toughest among us can be laid on their backs gasping for breath after a complete body workout with one single kettlebell! A kettlebell can be the ultimate gym condensed into a single solid lump of glorious cast iron.

The good news is, if you buy correctly and build your strength, you really don’t need a lot of kettlebells and what you buy should last you a long time! As you progress with exercises and confidence, it will be apparent that you may need different weights for different exercises. For most people working out with a range of exercises at home or elsewhere, having 3 or 4 weights gives an excellent variety and challenge.

  • Recommended kettlebell sets for women: 20lb, 25lb and 35lb
  • Recommended kettlebell sets for men: 25lb, 35lb and 44lb or 50lb

If you are doing exercises requiring 2 kettlebells then you’ll need 2 of the same size, many kettlebell exercises have 1 or 2 kettlebell variations.

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