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  • Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!

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Based on 442 reviews
Adjustable Dumbbells - Made to order
Kyra M
Great product, excellent quality

We were looking for dumbbells with adjustable weight plates that were durable, good quality, and made in the USA. These were such a great purchase and we are super pleased with them! Very easy to change the weights, secure them, and start working out. Also the quality is phenomenal and they look great. We absolutely recommend these weights- a must have for a home gym. Only comment is that it took longer than expected to receive them, but WELL worth the wait! :-)

35 lb Kettlebell (16 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

The Best

Wow... you the best.

Great product!

I ordered the 50 lb kettlebell and it is really nice. I had to wait a little longer because I think the company was moving their bells.


Awesome product.


Great quality good grips

Love this bell!

It's excellent! The handle is perfect, the quality is great, and it's rad to know I'm supporting made in USA. Thank you for making great products! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Solid quality, value, and customer service

I got the 20, 35, and 50 pounders over the course of the year. One key thing to remember: these are not mass-produced. This will translate into the occasional imperfection, and orders simply take time to fulfill. That said, I stand by these products and the people behind them. The lifespan of these bells could easily be measured in decades, this crew clearly knows what it's doing and is always within reach, and the value for homegrown weights like these just can't be beat.

20 lb kettlebell.

I’d like to give you some feedback but I haven’t received the kettlebell yet. Still waiting.

35 lb Kettlebell (16 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

Kettlebells - Made in the USA
Vachira Svetachinta
Best Kettle bell ever

I own so many cheap brands and expensive Brands, but USA Iron Kettle Bell is my favorite one, plus free and fast shipping make me love your brand more, soon I will order more. Please keep up your great work. Thank you.

USA Iron Kettlebell

Love the product and love the quick delivery!

Awesome Kettle Bells!!

Great product! I would highly recommend them!

Very satisfied

Very satisfied. Prompt shipping, great service!

Perfect purchase

These Kettle bells are my Fav!!!

Excellent Product, excellent customer service

I ordered a 44 and 35 last spring/summer and they are awesome. I use them all the time. Decided to add a 25 and it arrived in less than great condition. When I reached out, USA-Iron made it right and is sending a replacement. Super easy, no hassles, and a great product. I recommend them to everyone looking for kettlebells!

25 and 35 Pound kettlebells

Great quality and price! We love them! I will definitely order again when I need more weights

USA Made Kettlebell on Sale

I'm glad to have bought the 35 lbs on sale especially quality made in USA. The kettlebell arrived quickly though there were few scuffs from the shipping. As a beginner, it feel great from the few times I've used it for swings and squats.

Solid, great design

I have the 20lb, 35lb, and 45lb kettlebells. The quality is excellent, and I hope to continue training with them forever.

Awesome Customer Service

The first item wasn't quite right, but their customer service was fast and the proper item was sent out quickly. I will certainly order from USA Iron in the future.

Balls of cast iron

So far I have the 25, 35, and 50 lb bells with the 44 lb one on the way, and they are hands down the best fitness equipment I have ever purchased. My low back pain has dissappeared, I can leap into the back of my truck with no issues, and people are always complementing my forearms. My only complaint is that USA-Iron doesn't make anything heavier than the 50s.

4 sets

Pleased with my purchase. I ordered a set of 20's, 25's, 35's and 44's. All but one set arrived fairly quickly. The last set arrived a week later and my order is now all delivered. Customer service was great when I contacted to ask about the missing set as they responded immediately. Kettlebells came a little beat up from being shipped but nothing too terrible - they are kettlebells they are meant to be used.

Kettlebells - Made in the USA

Received my replacement kettlebell after initially receiving a box which had been emptied prior to arriving on my doorstep. Thank you, USA Iron, for the replacement-the kettlebell is terrific! Great product, great service.

Tough and ready

Comfortable to handle and challenged me on the first day! Can't wait til I need the next weight up! So glad you are a US company!