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  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!
  • Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!

50 lb Kettlebell (23 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

American Made Equipment You Can Keep Forever

A well-balanced and perfectly made tool that you will love using every day – is made right here in the USA, by craftspeople who freaking love their jobs and love using kettlebells.

Every angle and feature is designed for durability and functionality that will stand up to your daily training demands.

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50 lb Kettlebell (23 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

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American-Made Equipment You Can Keep Forever

Our 50 lb. Kettlebell is the real deal. We use the finest methods to create a highly durable, perfectly balanced and functional kettlebell that you can depend on every day. Come rain or shine, we’ve been making Quality USA-Manufactured Kettlebells that are made for those who pursue power, strength and unprecedented balance. We are dedicated to bring you superior quality bells for a faster, stronger and healthier you.


  • Made in the USA: What could be better – you receive quality gear, and we together support US manufacturing and American jobs!
  • Lifetime warranty: Each USA Iron kettlebell is made to last you a lifetime. (And longer – if you invent the elixir of immortality.)
  • Ergonomic design: The bell will comfortably fit in every hand and workout.
  • Smooth finish: To make sure that the bell won't slip from your sweaty grip, we cover it with optimized black powder coating. Each kettlebell proudly carries a logo and weight indication, debossed into its surface – so that they do not hamper its integrity.
  • Wider Handle Grip and Machined Flat Base: A perfectly balanced kettlebell with a stable base for floor work and wider grip so that you can use both hands easily. Height: 225 mm (9 inch), Handle Diameter: 35 mm (1 3/8 inch), Handle Width: 195mm (7.7 inch), Base Width: 81 mm (2 5/8 inch).
  • Free and fast shipping: You heard it right – we ship all our kettlebells for free to 48 states. Our prices include tax, so the figures you see in the product description will not magically increase on checkout.
  • Awesome customer service: Got questions, worries or doubts? Our team is always here – to answer, advise and help.
  • Who uses 50 lb kettlebells? Intermediate to advanced lifters, for both single- and double-kettlebell workouts. If you are a novice to strength and kettlebell training, we advise starting with a lower weight: 20-25 lb for beginner women, 25–35 lb for beginner men. Check out the sizing guide.However, there are many exercises, like deadlifts and squats where you will go for the heavier bells in your set.

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All our kettlebells come with a lifetime warranty (and they should last you a lifetime!). We take quality very seriously. We represent US manufacturing, and it’s the very least you deserve. Our team keeps track of any issues that might arise along the way – to make sure that the equipment arrives to your home or gym in perfect condition.

Our philosophy says: no excuses, so if you ever have any concerns, feel free to contact us at hello@usa-iron.com.

Talk about your brand

Shipping on all our kettlebells is free to 48 states. What you see is what you get: our price includes tax, because we do not want to fool you and stack it all on checkout. You want some USA Iron in your life, and we want you to get it ASAP. Once you buy:

The order goes straight to the warehouse, where it will be collected by UPS or FedEx the same day. Once your order is dispatched, you’ll get a tracking number and the item should be with you between 2-4 days.

You can track your order and will be notified when it’s out for delivery. If you’re worried about your delivery, just email to hello@usa-iron.com and we’ll take care of you.

Handle and Grip

All our kettlebells have a flat, machined base: they will stand solid on the ground without rolling or falling, which makes them perfect for floor workouts: Kettlebell Push-ups, Renegade Rows, etc.

With their large, slip-proof handle, they will feel comfortable in both single and double-handed grip, while their premium, ultra-durable powder coating provides both a nice texture and non-slipping surface for greater safety.

For the 50 lb kettlebell, the width of the handle is 190 mm, the diameter of the handle – 38 mm.

Making Gravity Cast kettlebells

Sure, we’ve made thousands of kettlebells, but nothing pleases us more than seeing a line-up of freshly cast kettlebells at the foundry. Our powder coated kettlebells are made from a single piece of cast iron. We melt down scrap iron (old rail track, engine blocks etc.) and pour them into an individual sand mold which is handle down so the handle fills up and solidifies first – to ensure that there are non-voids in the handle during solidification.

The carefully designed mould allows the iron to flow in without disturbing the sand. Once the kettlebell has solidified, we break it out, grind it, machine its base, powder-coat it, and box it up. The entire process takes around 10 days: from the moment when we get our hands on scrap iron – to the glorious moment when the brand new, perfect kettlebell is ready for shipping.

Want to know more about the fascinating production process? Check out here. Accurate weight We represent US manufacturing here. Get what you ordered with USA Iron: weight +/- 1/2 lb

Centre of Gravity

We like to think that Sir Isaac Newton himself would have been proud of this way to employ the nature’s fundamental force: we too stand on the shoulders of giants. This is the essence of the perfect kettlebell: unlike traditional dumbbell weights, a kettlebell’s center of gravity is moved away from your hand, which makes it an ultimate workout tool, requiring you to balance it with your body, increasing cross-stabilization, delivering a proper full-body workout – making you strong through-and-through.

Buying Guide?

Is 50lb right for me?

In metric terms, 50 lb corresponds to around 23 kg. If you can't picture that, it's the weight of around $1000 in quarters.

50-pounders will mainly be used by intermediate to advanced lifters: both women and men, depending on an exercise. As you progress up the weights, its best to have a range for specific exercises and workouts for instance when doing heavy days and light days.

An experienced lifter will use 50lb kettlebells for long cycle work, endurance and doubles work. When used to train the lower body (Kettlebell Squats, Kettlebell Deadlifts, Kettlebell Lunges), 50-pounders will come in handy for intermediate lifters.

Answer yourself this: when you pack a full big suitcase and it's time to throw it on the baggage tray at the airport. Are you the one who asks for help or the one who throws all the bags on? If you're the latter, 50 lb might be for you.

But if you still do not feel comfortable picking up this weight with one arm, there's no rush, go at your own pace with the lower weights, we'll still be here wen you're ready. If you get injured you won't be able train as much anyway,

One 50lb Kettlebell or two 25lb Kettlebells?

Apart from the financial aspect, the question of one heavy or two lighter kettlebells will largely depend on your goals and experience.

If you do not feel comfortable with a 50-pounder in your hands but want to do, for example, Kettlebell Deadlifts or Front Squats, you might be better off using two lighter kettlebells, e.g. 2x20 or 2x25 lb, which you can comfortably hold in your hands or place into the front rack position.

In terms of core strength development, a single heavy kettlebell loaded on one side will require more core stabilization to control the weight. For single, heavy, unilateral kettlebell movements (e.g. single arm rack squat, Offset Kettlebell Lunge), your upper body needs to be strong enough to be able to balance that weight. Unilateral (1 side loaded) exercises are awesome for you core as your opposing site has to fire to keep your body in position.

If you use double kettlebells, you can load your core with the same amount of weight without overloading just one side of your body. It will also require a fair amount of core stabilization, but it will allow you to maintain the rack position even if your single arm isn’t strong enough to hold a heavy 50 lb kettlebell.

Ideally, you should do both heavy single and lighter double kettlebell training. But whether single or double, a 50 lb kettlebell will get you in great shape

Customer Reviews

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Vito F.
Excellent customer service

Customer service has been great to deal with. The first bell I ordered was damaged in transit. USA Iron was quick to get a new order out to me. The bell itself is great. Good handle size and is quality made product

Michelle Zava

Kettlebells - Made in the USA

John Herlihy
20lb USA-IRON Kettlebell

Fantastic piece of workout equipment! Excellent quality. Totally happy with this KB.
Got the 20lb KB to rehab an injured shoulder. When I get better I will be ordering a few more. Took exactly 1 week to get here. GREAT product & company.

John Herlihy
Awesome customer service!

USPS lost KB. Waited 42 days. Notified USA-IRON, explained the situation and they shipped another one via UPS the next day. Great company to deal with. Very cordial & professional. Thank you to the folks at USA-IRON.

William Mendanha

Kettlebells - Made in the USA