• Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!
  • Fast Shipping, Taxes Included
  • Lifetime Warranty, Simple Returns
  • Everything Made in USA!!

20 lb Kettlebell (8 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

American Made Equipment You Can Keep Forever

A well-balanced and perfectly made tool that you will love using every day – is made right here in the USA, by craftspeople who freaking love their jobs and love using kettlebells.

Every angle and feature is designed for durability and functionality that will stand up to your daily training demands.

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20 lb Kettlebell (8 kg) - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

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American-Made Equipment You Can Keep Forever

Cast, machined, and finished in the USA, the powder-coated version is part of our squad of quality American kettlebells, that are super functional, highly durable, and have the right balance that is needed for an intense kettlebell workout. We at USA Iron Kettlebells love our jobs, and you can see a reflection of that on our bells because we have dedicated our talents and skills to bring you the perfect tool that you can count-on every day.

American Pride Baby

Design and Craftship

  • Made Exclusively in the USA: Get quality gear and support US manufacturing.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Designed and built to last you a lifetime.
  • Ergonomic Design: Perfectly designed for your hands for any workout you want to do. Our exclusive USA designs mean you can’t get this feeling with any other kettlebell.
  • Smooth Finish: All our bells come with our optimzed highly durable black powder coat, giving it a premium finish that will last. The logo and weight indications are debossed into the kettlebell so wont catch on your shirt.
  • Wider Handle Grip and Machined Flat Base: A perfectly balanced kettlebell with a stable base for floor work and wider grip so that you can use both hands easily.  Height: 200 mm (8 inch), Handle Width 180 mm (7.1 inch), Handle Diameter: 34 mm (1.3 inch), Base Width: 64 mm (2 1/2 inch).
  • Free and Fast Shipping – Shipping on all our kettlebells is free to 48 states and our price includes tax. Don't be fooled by other’s who stack it all on a check out – with USA Iron what you see is what you get.
  • Awesome Customer Service: Quick response times. We’ve seen it all and we’re here to help.
  • Who uses 20 lb kettlebells? This is our recommended weight to start out for beginner women and seniors for most KB exercises; intermediate to advanced women and men to learn new, complex kettlebell movements, especially those which require balancing the bell above the head or face, or those which can be taxing on the wrists and shoulders. Check out the sizing guide. 20lb might sounds like a lot of weight but you will be employing your whole body to move it. It's not like a dumbbell where you are isolating single muscle groups. You'll be surprised how strong you are.

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Unlike foreign made products, we know the names of all the team members who are making our kettlebells, so we know if something is not right, who can fix it. This helps us deliver the best quality kettlebells.

The USA Iron team loves their job of making kettlebells, and loves to use them. We take pride in what we do, and we have worked hard to design every angle and feature of our kettlebells so that you love them too.

Each kettlebell proudly carries a debossed logo and weight indications.

Unlike cheap kettlebell sets that are mass produced in foreign countries, our kettlebells are built to survive years of juggling and swinging. Each bell is made from a single piece of cast iron and undergoes meticulous quality control. The final result that you receive is the superb kettlebell like no other.

Curious how our kettlebells are made? Check out here

Free and Fast Shipping

Shipping on all our kettlebells is free to 48 states. What you see is what you get: our price includes tax, because we do not want to fool you and stack it all on checkout. You want some USA Iron in your life, and we want you to get it ASAP. Once you buy:

The order goes straight to the warehouse, where it will be collected by UPS or FedEx the same day.

Once your order is dispatched, you’ll get a tracking number and the item should be with you between 2-4 days. You can track your order and will be notified when it’s out for delivery. If you’re worried about your delivery, just email to hello@usa-iron.com and we’ll take care of you.

Handle and Grip

Like all our bells, the 20-pound kettlebell has a flat, machined base, which makes it a great fit for floor workouts: it will stand solid on the ground without rolling or falling.

Although a 20-pounder might feel light in your hands, it will make you see stars (and not in the romantic sense) if you drop it on your toes. Take our word for it – do not attempt it yourself.

Which takes us to the question of kettlebell handle and grip.

All our bells have a large, curved, slip-proof handle, so they will feel comfortable in both single and double-handed grip. For the 20 lb kettlebell, the width of the handle is xx mm, the diameter of the handle – 34 mm. Moreover, its premium, ultra-durable powder coating ensures a perfect balance between a nice texture and the non-slipping surface for a safe grip.

Making Gravity Cast Kettlebells

Sure, we’ve made thousands of kettlebells, but nothing pleases us more than seeing a line-up of freshly cast kettlebells at the foundry. Our powder coated kettlebells are made from a single piece of cast iron. We melt down scrap iron (old rail track, engine blocks etc.) and pour them into an individual sand mold which is handle down so the handle fills up and solidifies first – to ensure that there are non-voids in the handle during solidification.

The carefully designed mould allows the iron to flow in without disturbing the sand. Once the kettlebell has solidified, we break it out, grind it, machine its base, powder-coat it, and box it up. The entire process takes around 10 days: from the moment when we get our hands on scrap iron – to the glorious moment when the brand new, perfect kettlebell is ready for shipping.

Want to know more about the fascinating production process? Check out here. Accurate weight We represent US manufacturing here. Get what you ordered with USA Iron: weight +/- 1/2 lb

Center of Gravity

We like to think that Sir Isaac Newton himself would have been proud of this way to employ the nature’s fundamental force: we too stand on the shoulders of giants. This is the essence of the perfect kettlebell: unlike traditional dumbbell weights, a kettlebell’s center of gravity is moved away from your hand, which makes it an ultimate workout tool, requiring you to balance it with your body, increasing cross-stabilization, delivering a proper full-body workout – making you strong through-and-through

Buying Guide?

Is 20 lb right for me?

In metric terms, a 20 lb bell corresponds to 9 kg. Is it too light? Good enough? Or perfect?

Well, it's all relative and depends on your fitness level and objectives.

20 lb is a sweet spot for every beginner: if you are new to fitness, this is your go-to weight for most kettlebell movements, because it will allow you to learn proper form without risking injury.

However, experienced lifters can put it to good use too: for example, when learning complex. multi-tiered kettlebell movements, such as Turkish Getup (start with a low weight so that you do not injure your wrist or shoulder before you have figured out how to correctly balance the bell throughout the flow). A 20-pounder is also handy in the movements which are extremely taxing on the wrists and shoulders, such as Kettlebell Bottom-Up Press.

There is no shame in using lighter weight. The goal is to find our weaknesses and improve on them. There are some exercises where you need to start with a light weight. The less injuries you have the more exercise you can do long term.

Exercises with 20 lb kettlebell

You do not always have to pick the heaviest weight to lift effectively, improve your skills and increase strength (yeah, even if you are going for the title of the ultimate alpha male in the gym).

Sometimes a lighter kettlebell can prove even more useful than a heavy option: in certain movements, a heavy bell can be inconvenient or even dangerous for your joints and safety. These include most overhead KB movements, where you need to balance the weight above your head or your face, especially if you are not an experienced kettlebeller. For example:

  • Turkish getup
  • Windmill
  • Unilateral Overhead Lunges
  • Unilateral Overhead Squat
  • Overhead Kettlebell Walk
  • Flutter Kicks with Kettlebell Hold, and many, many others.

What Customers are saying

"Tough and ready. Comfortable to handle and challenged me on the first day! Can't wait til I need the next weight up! So glad you are a US company!” Gina W.

“Great product and great service. I am very pleased with my kettlebells. I’ve ordered four kettlebells so far. I had a great experience with customer service when one of the kettlebells was damaged during delivery. I received a replacement very quickly. I chose USA-iron based on being made in the USA. Now that i have experience with them, I would absolutely recommend their product.” CF.

We have over 400 five star reviews because we combine quality craft with warm and quick customer service. That is why we make the best 25 lb. kettlebell available in the US market today.

Customer Reviews

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Vito F.
Excellent customer service

Customer service has been great to deal with. The first bell I ordered was damaged in transit. USA Iron was quick to get a new order out to me. The bell itself is great. Good handle size and is quality made product

Michelle Zava

Kettlebells - Made in the USA

John Herlihy
20lb USA-IRON Kettlebell

Fantastic piece of workout equipment! Excellent quality. Totally happy with this KB.
Got the 20lb KB to rehab an injured shoulder. When I get better I will be ordering a few more. Took exactly 1 week to get here. GREAT product & company.

John Herlihy
Awesome customer service!

USPS lost KB. Waited 42 days. Notified USA-IRON, explained the situation and they shipped another one via UPS the next day. Great company to deal with. Very cordial & professional. Thank you to the folks at USA-IRON.

William Mendanha

Kettlebells - Made in the USA