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Machined Weight Plates

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Our Minnesota Machine shop is providing limited edition made-to-order weight plates with 1 inch holes for our dumbbell handles or 50.4 mm to fit on Olympic barbells. Current lead time is around 3-4 weeks.

These are lathe turned plates by our skilled machinist rather than typical imported cast iron plates. But weight is weight right, so why bother? This means that they can be machined on demand and there is no need to wait for international shipping to resume before you can start lifting weights at home, garage or wherever you're at. Oh, and the added bonus is they look bad-ass!

Made to order - High Precision Machined Plates for Dumbbells and Barbells.

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Sold in Pairs i.e. you get 2 of each size

2x 1.25lb = 2.5 lb total

2x 2.5 lb = 5 lb total

2x5lb = 10lb total

2x10lb = 20 lb total

We make the plates with 1 inch diameter holes to fit on our adjustable dumbbells handles and 50.4 mm diameter hols for fitting on a standard Olympic Barbell.

Ideal for home use or seasoned power lifters who need precise weights which only machined plates can offer.

The benefits of machined plates over cast iron weights is that they are more accurate in weight than cast iron plates and they have a much smoother finish on them. From a manufacturing point of view - we can make these as orders come in, so we are not tied to casting schedules, meaning USA-Iron can supply the current needs.

Plates are traditionally not machined - machining by nature is more expensive process than casting. We have selected materials and modified the design to keep machining time to a minimum. Likewise, we have reduced our margins wherever possible. We are not marketing these plates as there is not the budget to do so we rely on word of mouth - if you know someone that needs plates - please let them know that we're here to help.

We are not showing the weight on each plates and are looking into how to do this economically. If you can not tell the difference between a 2.5 and a 5lb plate then you may need to write on the numbers yourself for now.

Available painted (beware the paint will chip during use and rubbing).

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Very very nice weights I could not find anywhere else...

I was so excited to see my 2.5 & 5 lb machined weight plates arrive. I'd been looking for them everywhere online and could not find them--everyone is stocking their home gyms these days so inventories are nil. So found this company, and they had them. I was just looking for some iron, but it didn't hurt to find that the craftmanship was impeccable when I opened the box! Had a great experience with USA Iron and will be ordering from them again! Thanks!